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2017 Jubilee Conference English Sessions

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Below is the schedule for the English Sessions.  For the full schedule click here.

Friday, July 21

 Morning Session: Celebrating the Water Poured Out

8:30 AM                      Praise and Worship

Music Ministry: Living Praise

9:00 AM                      Mass (Our Lady of the Cenacle or Mass of the Holy Spirit)

Principal Celebrant: Bishop Sam Jacobs

Homilist: Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR

10:00 AM                    Praise Transition

10:15 AM                     Witnesses to the Journey (Part One)

David Mangan

Kevin and Dorothy Ranaghan

11:00 AM                     Prayer of Thanksgiving

11:15 AM                      Witnesses to the Journey (Part Two)

Mary Healy

Sr. Nancy Kellar, SC

11:45 AM                     Prayer for a Fresh Release of the Holy Spirit

Noon                            Lunch


Afternoon Workshops:

2:00 PM                      Session 1

3:15 PM                       Break

3:45 PM                       Session 2

5:00 PM                       End/Dinner


Workshops as of November 1, 2016


Track A B C

Mark Nimo
The Living Waters of Joy and Praise


Vinson Synan
A Pentecostal Looks at 50 Years of Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Mary Healy
Introducing the ICCRS Booklet on Deliverance Ministry
3:45-5:00PM Michelle Moran
New Wine, New Wine Skins

Kevin and Dorothy Ranaghan
Pope Francis Speaks to the Renewal


Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD
Celebrate a Charismatic Jubilee


Saturday, July 22


 Morning Session: Living Water for the Generations

8:30 AM                      Praise and Worship

Music Ministry: Living Praise

9:00 AM                      Mass Memorial of Saint Mary Magdalene, Disciple of the Lord

Principal Celebrant/Homilist: to be determined

10:15 AM                     Witness to the Future

Dave VanVickle

10:45 AM                   Prayer for the Next Generations

11:00 AM                    Talk: Living Water for the Generations

Ralph Martin

11:30 AM                    Prayer of Re-Commitment and Prophetic Intercession

Noon                           Lunch


Afternoon Workshops

2:00 PM                     Session 1

3:15 PM                      Break

3:45 PM                      Session 2

5:00 PM                     End/Dinner


Workshops as of November 1, 2016

Track A B C

Damian Stayne
Unity, Humility and Faith for Miracles


Alan Schreck
Patti Mansfield
Current of Grace: A Prophetic Flow

Fr. Dave Pivonka
Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Grace for Personal and Communal Renewal, and Evangelization


Dan and Caroline Dirkes
Reaching Young Families with Life in the Spirit
Bruce Yocum
That They May Be One – The Ecumenical Grace of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit