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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Genre: Books
Tags: Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Holy Spirit, Theology
Publisher: National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the U.S.
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 0967737745
Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a document that provides theological reflection on the meaning of baptism in the Spirit together with some pastoral guidelines for receiving, ministering and living this grace.
About the Book


AmazonBaptism in the Holy Spirit is a grace that has touched the lives of over 140 million Catholics. This booklet explains the foundations of baptism in the Holy Spirit in Scripture and Catholic tradition, and shows why this gift is intended for every member of the Church. The booklet also offers pastoral guidelines for receiving and living out baptism in the Holy Spirit, both as individuals and in parishes and groups.

Editorial Reviews


This document is a spiritual treasure! As a twenty-year-old girl on the Duquesne Weekend, I wrote these words on a scrap of paper: I want a miracle! Never could I have imagined that the miracle would involve the worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit so beautifully described in these pages. Through the intercession of Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, may this document help usher in a New Pentecost for a New Evangelization! Amen! –Patti Gallagher MansfieldThis comprehensive document offers the whole Church an excellent theological framework and solid pastoral guidelines for understanding, receiving, ministering and living out baptism in the Holy Spirit — the central grace of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. –Charles WhiteheadThis document is the fruit of mature reflection and wide consultation. It will be a valuable resource for those seeking to understand and communicate the reality of baptism in the Holy Spirit to both those in the Renewal and to the wider Church. Since it is not possible to have a New Evangelization without a New Pentecost, this document appears at an important time in the Church s life. –Dr. Ralph Martin

About the Author

The Doctrinal Commission of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS), based in the Vatican, offers theological and pastoral guidance for understanding baptism in the Spirit and related matters in light of Catholic doctrine. Commission members including Bishop Joseph Grech, Dr. Mary Healy, and Fr. Peter Hocken, created this booklet in consultation with theologians and pastoral leaders worldwide.