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Leaflet Descriptions

Note those marked as Blue Series are directed to Leaders, the rest are for a more general audience.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Terms and Phrases by Sr. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND is an explanation for newcomers of terminology and phenomena found in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Charismatic Prayer Meetings by Walter Matthews discusses the essential elements of praise and worship proclaiming and listening to God's Word, care for the needs of the community, ebb and flow, and being sent forth.

Discernment and Discernment of Spirits by Chuck Hornsby is an examination of two kinds of discernment needed to grow in maturity.

Ecumenism: Hungering and Working for Unity in the Body of Christ by Chuck Hornsby this discusses the importance of unity in the Body of Christ, especially ecumenical unity, which is important to Jesus.

Evangelizing the Family: a Multigenerational Approach (Blue Series) by Caroline Gambale-Dirkes discusses how to find new ways to reach the next generation of young adults, couples and families with renewed life in the Spirit.

Expectant Faith by Mother Lucy Lukasiewicz, DLJC, builds on a definition of "expectant faith" from the dictionary: eager anticipation (expectant) of a strong belief in a supernatural power that controls human destiny (faith).

The Full Role of the Holy Spirit (Blue Series) by Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD, who asks, What is the charism of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal? He then addresses four major dimensions that together comprise the “full role” of the Spirit. 

The Charism of Miracles by Jane Guenther. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church we read, "There are furthermore special graces, also called charisms after the Greek term used by St. Paul and meaning 'favor' 'gratuituous gift,' benefit'. Whatever their character sometimes it is extraordinary such as the gift of miracles.

The Gift (Charism) of Tongues by Gerry Mader says, The experience of praising and speaking to God through the Holy Spirit began a new and wonderful direction in my prayer life through this gift.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit by Chuck Hornsby addresses the various gifts listed and explained and how they might be used by an individual or a group for the building up the Body of Christ.

Healing Prayer by Chuck Hornsby examines the variety of forms of prayer for healing.

Holiness: an Intimate Relationship by Jim Archer, examines how all are called to holiness and to see his presence in all things, and our identity as beloved children.

Introduction to Teachings at Prayer Meetings (Blue Series) by Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD, is directed to prayer group leaders and those who give teachings.

Living Baptized in the Holy Spirit by Aggie Neck addresses “The personal experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit brings us into ‘a way of life’. It is not just a movement; it is a sovereign act of God, a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” It makes our life more meaningful and vibrant.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal: Papal Affirmation and Priestly Witness by Walter Matthews presents the Renewal in a way that can be given to anyone, particularly priests.

Pastoring Word Gifts (Blue Series) by Chuck Hornsby teaches leaders in the Renewal how to foster, nourish and discern word gifts in their area of responsibility.

Prayer Ministry by Sr. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND explains different types of prayer ministry and what happens when we ask for prayer and help others with prayer. Encourages openness to the promptings of the Spirit for words of knowledge and discernment.

Praise and Worship by Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD, describes praise, growth in praise, and teaches its use in prayer meetings and personal prayer.

Relationship by Design: Prayer Meetings, Prayer Groups and Communities by Chuck Hornsby builds on the fact that we are a gregarious people. We need each other, we need to come together and be a relational force for building the church and evangelizing the world.

Understanding and Exercising the Gift of Prophecy by Chuck Hornsby explains what prophecy is, helps one to receive and discern prophecy when it is given by others, and encourages openness to hearing and delivering prophetic words.

The Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom by Gerry Mader provides r understanding of two important charisms of the Spirit.



Tapping into the Power and Fire of Our Baptism by Jane Guenther explains how the Holy Spirit whom we receive at baptism is the informer, imparter and initiator.