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               "Three Times of Intercession for the

           Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church."

Listed below are NSC resources as well as materials that supplement articles in recent editions of Pentecost Today. The views expressed in those supplementary articles are not necessarily the views of the National Service Committee.


To purchase these resources directly from the Chariscenter, you need to be a bookstore or purchasing materials to sell at a local conference. Otherwise please contact the LaSalle Company at 800-348-2227 or www.Renewed-Life.com.


- Burning Bush by Kim Kollins

- Faith Sharing in Small Groups by Sr. Nancy Kellar, S.C. and

   Sr. Justin Wirth, SSND

- New LIfe in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual by Teresa Boucher

- Prayer Journal for Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Teresa Boucher

- The Road to Pentecost  by Catholic Charismatic Renewal United Kingdom

- There's Always More: Expecting New Fire by Sr. Nancy Kellar, S.C.

- What is the Nature of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

   by Charles Whitehead


- A.C.T.S. of Leadership (set of 4 DVDs)

   Apostolic Formation

   Communal Formation

   Theological Formation

   Spiritual Formation

- A New Pentecost by ICCRS

- Bringing Christ to my Everyday World (Video series incl. 10 workbooks)

    - Bringing Christ Leader's Guide

    - Bringing Christ Workbook

- Leadership Training DVD

    Maintaining Virbrant Prayer Groups

    Charisms: Stirring up Gifts of the Spirit

    Service: A New Heart/Anew Mind

    Unity: Building Relationships

- Nuturing New Life (2 videos with workbook)


You may order any amount.$.50/each.If you order 50 or more there is a 20% discount. Shipping and handling charges are additional

- Catholic Charismatic Renewal Terms and Phrases

     by Sr. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND

- Charismatic Prayer Meetings

     by Walter Matthews

- The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

     by Chuck Hornsby

- Healing Prayer

    by Chuck Hornsby

- Introduction to Teachings at Prayer Meetings

    by Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD

- Living Baptized in the Holy Spirit

    by Aggie Neck

- Prayer Ministry

     by Sr. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND

- Understanding and Exercising the Gift of Prophecy

    by Chuck Hornsby              

- The Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom

    by Gerry Mader

Order from:
Chariscenter USA
PO Box 628
Locust Grove, VA 22508



The La Salle Company sells other resources click the link below to see a listing of resources with a brief description.

To order from LaSalle call 800-348-2227 or visit on the web at:


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Please click the links below to read other articles:

Year of St. Paul Reflections

Christmas Carol Festival: A New Way to Reach Inactive Catholics by John Boucher

[click here for more]


Five Aspects of the Vision for Charismatic Renewal. (66kb)

How to Strengthen Ecclesial Maturity in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal by Alan Schreck, Ph.D.
[ Click here to download as PDF]

Jesus Lives! Day, an evangelistic event that is used as a Kick Off for the Life in the Spirit Seminar.

Norms of the Holy Congregation for the Teaching of the Faith Concerning the Procedures for Judging Presumed Apparitions and Revelations
[ Click here for more]


Ten Steps to Better Worship by Nick Alexander
This great resources helps those looking to lead better Praise and Worship for their parish, prayer group or other ministry.

Ten Steps to Better Worship (20kb)


Unity Statement

  • Adopted by the participants in an Ad Hoc Meeting of Leaders in St. Louis, February 23, 1995
  • Ratified by the participants at the 1997 National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference, June 29, 1997
  • Amended by the participants at the Gathering of National Leadership Groups: Catholic Charismatic Renewal, January 17, 2001

       [click here for more]

(These files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available here.


The NSC is developing materials and information in the following areas:

- Prayer Group Leadership;
- Intercessory Prayer;
- Praise and Worship;
- Healing and Deliverance.

This material will be added as it becomes available.



We've made available a number of audio/video recordings from previous conferences.
Click here to review a listing of these talks and presentations!


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