By Jim Archer

Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere in a particular place at a particular time and knowing there is something very special about this moment. This is a God moment; this is a moment in time! Have you ever had that same experience of knowing that moment in time through our brothers and sisters who were there?

In the Spring issue of Pentecost Today there is an article by Jane Guenther titled “Encounters in His Name” that has had a profound effect on me and I have recognized that the event she was writing about was indeed a moment in time! After reading and re-reading, consuming all God had for me in these words on a page there was I admit a sorrow for not having been there. Yet there is a deep appreciation for my brothers and sisters who were there and the privilege I have to experience in part the divine presence they experienced!

The experience, the Prophecy Summit in Bethlehem where some 160 key leaders from 43 countries gathered in Bethlehem from 14th-18th November 2013 to hear from the Lord at this strategic time in the history of CCR as we journey towards the golden jubilee in 2017.

There was a word about a “Breakthrough Moment” when the electricity failed.  Mary Healy declared the fact that they lost electric power had prophetic significance. “The Lord is going to give us power from on high. We have to lean into this moment, pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is telling us symbolically and ask for power with great confidence.”  After a time of anointed praise and worship in the dark another word came. “You have no more power… come to me.” Then in the midst the darkness, suddenly and dramatically, boom! The lights came on with full power. Some were crying, some repentant, some lying prostrate on the floor, but everyone was certain that the Lord was in our midst in power.  I thought to myself, but for the Lord where would I be?

Jane writes about the final day as they gathered in the upper room singing and the praising for more than an hour in the very place where the Holy Spirit was first poured out on the infant Church. A powerful prophetic word where the Lord says, “I have poured out my Spirit abundantly…”  WOW how I wish I was there!

For Jane the Prophetic Consultation was a series of encounters, a generous outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and a moment in time. Because of the gathering of these leaders, because of their faithfulness, and more so because of the Lord’s faithfulness to us all, these word have become for me a moment in time!