Celebrating a Charismatic Jubilee
Genre: Books
Tags: Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Holy Spirit, Jubilee, Renewal History
Publisher: National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 97800967737751

A Fresh Look at Charismatic Renewal and the Charismatic Dimension of the Church

About the Book


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ARenewedLife_BuyNows the Catholic Charismatic Renewal celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary in 2017, Fr. Bob Hogan provides a fresh reflection on the role of the Renewal in the lives of individuals and the life of the church.

In his Introduction Fr. Bob writes,

“I also want to challenge those who have been called to serve the Church through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal not to settle for a narrow vision of the Holy Spirit’s role. As the Catholic Charismatic Renewal celebrates a Jubilee Year, may those involved in this Ecclesial Movement seek to learn from the popes’ and bishops’ messages to the Movement; from the history of Catholic Charismatic Renewal; from our mistakes and failures; and from the many ways that God has used the Renewal for the good of the Church. Come, let us celebrate!” “Come, Holy Spirit, come!”

Chapters cover the Hierarchical and Charismatic Dimensions of the Church as Co-essential; the Beginnings of Catholic Charismatic Renewal; the Role of the Messiah/Christ/Anointed One; the Full Role of the Holy Spirit; the Struggles of Catholic Charismatic Renewal; Baptism in the Holy Spirit; Charisms (Spiritual Gifts); Praise and Worship in the Life of the Church; and, Mary, Model and Teacher of Charismatic Living.

Jane Guenther, former member and Chairman of the National Service Committee has written about the book:

“Fr Bob Hogan BBD, in harmony with his charismatic roots and charisms has brought forth a gem synthesizing the 50 years of Charismatic Renewal in the United States. His charisms of teaching and prophecy make this a jewel for celebrating the Jubilee Year, walking us beautifully through the grace, struggles and promises of baptism in the Holy Spirit.”