A Testimony by Mathew Jacob

Our God is faithful. Praised be His Holy Name! Having been involved with the great move of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church since the late 70’s in various parts of the world,  the Lord Jesus has placed it on my heart to always financially support ministries associated with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. I moved to the US in 2006, and since then my focus has been on local ministries and the National Service Committee.  I set up a monthly contribution with the NSC as soon as I could and that has been up and running.

In April 2013 I got a call from the NSC looking for a contribution. Under normal circumstances it would have been easy to send them a check. However this time it was different. I had been informed in September 2012 by my company that I was going to be laid off. Since that day I had been actively seeking a job, however seven months later I was still without one and making limited progress. Anyway, on receiving the call from the NSC, I felt a prompting in my heart to contribute a rather big amount. I wrote out a check for more than I was contributing to NSC over a whole year though my monthly plan.  Clearly it was a hard decision given the job situation and the lack of income – however there was joy in obeying the Lord.

Six months later in September 2013, I finally found a job with an amazing company – a global giant. By this time, we had come down to a bank balance that would have sufficed for just one more month of household expenses. The Lord Jesus had to teach me the hard way not to depend on my skills, network, intelligence, or bank balance but to completely trust Him. I’ve now been the job for seven months, and have experienced a level of success beyond what I have known in any previous job. Interestingly, my first interview with this company was in April 2013 – and I truly believe that the act of committing that sizable amount to the Lord’s work, when I was in an employment  crisis, opened up a new level of blessing and abundance for me. Thank You Jesus!