Chariscenter USA is the headquarters of the National Service Committee. We are located in Locust Grove, Virginia, about an hour and a half south of Washington, DC. The NSC relocated here from South Bend, Indiana in December 1990.

From its earliest beginnings the National Service Committee has had an office. The term “Chariscenter USA” was adopted in 1986. Previously the headquarters and office was called the “National Service Committee Office.” As Bill Beatty, the Executive Director of the National Service Committee at the time, explained:

Predictably, the full name of the Committee [National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the U.S., Inc.], descriptive but lengthy, was shortened in normal use to “National Service Committee” or “NSC.” Though shorter, these designations lost both Catholic and charismatic identifies; “NSC” might stand for National Security Council, Necchi Serving Center, or Nazarene Southside Church . . . and a “national service committee” could exist in any business, government or social organization.

As “NSC” lost its Catholic and charismatic identities so much more did “NSC Office.” Thus was born “Chariscenter USA.”

Chariscenter USA, while the headquarters office of the National Service Committee, is a national center for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and point of reference for the U.S. Bishops and for Renewal leaders and inquirers worldwide.

The work of Chariscenter USA is to serve and support the ministries of the National Service Committee such as:

  • facilitating networking among leaders of Renewal Centers, prayer groups, and national ministries;
  • providing guidance and information for individuals, prayer groups, Renewal Centers and dioceses looking for connections throughout the country, indeed throughout the world;
  • administering the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference and Regional Leaders’ Gatherings, and collaborating on ecumenical opportunities.

In recent years the National Service Committee has published a number of resource materials.

The National Service Committee has one full-time employee and four part-time employees. In addition, it has several contracted positions.

Walter Matthews serves as Executive Director for the National Service Committee. The rest of the staff are as follows:

  • Jennifer Kinkopf, Administrative Assistant
  • Anne Oyler, Office and Resources Assistant
  • Claire Matthews, Fund Raising Coordinator
  • Barbara Carr, Office Assistant, assisting with Conferences

Contracted positions include:

  • Sr. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND, Editor, Pentecost Today
  • Sharon Fox, Production Manager, Pentecost Today
  • Jimmy Archer, Development and Toward the Jubilee Manager

Contact us at:

Catholic Charismatic Renewal
National Service Committee
Chariscenter USA 

PO Box 628
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Fax: 540-972-0627