Prayer Group Self-Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to 1) help leadership ascertain the needs of local prayer groups and how best to assist them to strengthen and maintain strong and vibrant Prayer Groups; and 2) help Prayer Groups to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to seek ways to become stronger and more vibrant.

A Prayer Group Self-Assessment is a tool for revitalization. The full article about this assessment was originally published in Pentecost Today Sept/Oct./Nov. 2004 on p 6 by Sr. Martha Jean McGarry (see below).  Here are the self-assessment forms that your group can use:


Articles on Strengthening Prayer Groups

(Many of the following were originally published in Pentecost Today, the issues they appeared are listed beside author’s name with the designation PT)

Building Community in Prayer Groups – a packet of resources compiled by the Strengthening Prayer Groups Working Group, November 2012

Prayer Meetings and Mass – Josephine Cachia; PT 25:2,  April/MayJune p. 12, 2000

Raising Our Hearts and Voices – Bill Richart; PT 27:2,   April/May/June p. 9, 2002

Depending on God for Vision and Direction: Helping a Group Live “In The Spirit” – Virginia King; PT 27:3, July/August/September, p. 9, 2002

The Beans are Burning (Mission) – Sr. Martha Jean McGarry; PT 28:1, January/February/March p. 9, 2003

Fostering Charisms in Prayer Meetings – Fr. John Gordon; PT 28:3, July/August/September, p. 9, 2003

Prayer Group Assessment: A Tool for Revitalization – Sr. Martha Jean McGarry; PT 29:3, September/October/November/December, p 6, 2004

Vision for Prayer Groups – David Thorp; PT 29:2, May/June/July/Aug. p. 9, 2004

Leading Worship – Nick Alexander; PT 30:1,   January/February/March p. 3, 2005

Shout It From the Rooftops!– Deacon Michael Wesley; PT 30:2   April/March/June p. 9, 2005

Challenges of Prayer Room Ministry -Dr. Michele Greischar; PT 30:3, July/August/September, p. 8, 2005

Hospitality– Angelina Sarmiento; PT 30:3,  October/November/December p. 8, 2005

Ways to Provide Healing Prayer Ministry at our Prayer Meetings – Dr. Michele Greischar; PT 31:3, July/Aug./Sept./ p.8, 2006

Identifying, Raising Up, and Training Good Teachers – Deacon Bill Brennan; PT 31:2, April/May/June, p. 8, 2006

Charisms and Community Building – Fr. Bob Hogan BBD; PT 33:3, October/November/December p. 8, 2007

What is an Evangelizing Prayer Meeting? – Gerry Mader; PT 34:1,   January/February/March p. 8, 2008

A Vision for Today’s Prayer Groups – Sr. Nancy Kellar S.C.; PT 34:2,  April/May/June p. 8, 2008

How to Proclaim and Receive the Good News in Prayer Communities – Theresa Boucher; PT 34:3,  October/November/December p. 8, 2008

Prayer and Hope: How to Handle Prayer Group Struggles – Deacon Chuck Matzker; PT 34:1, January/February/March p. 6, 2009

Content Breeds Contentment – Jane Guenther; PT 34:2, April/May/June, p.7, 2009

Aging and Disappearing Prayer Groups: God’s Desire, or Our Need for Fresh Fire? – Deacon Chuck Matzker; PT 34:3, July/August/September, p. 8, 2009

How We Share the Hidden Treasure of the Holy Spirit – Jane Guenther; PT 34:4, October/November/December, p. 8, 2009

Sharing Charisms with Confidence – Gerry Mader; PT 35:1, January/February/March, p. 8, 2010