The North American Network was formed officially on Feb. 27th in Augusta,Ga. at our first gathering since the dissolution of the Catholic Fraternity at Pentecost, 2019.  We have come together in both mutual desire and as a response to CHARIS, who through the Moderator, Jean Luc Moens, has encouraged our birth as a new network of covenant communities.

 There are twelve founding communities:  Alleluia Community (Augusta, GA), City of the Lord Community (Phoenix/California), Comunidad AMA (Brownsville, TX), Community of God’s Love (Steubenville), Comunidad Deleite de Dios (Dallas), Christian Community of God’s Delight (Dallas), Glory to God Community (Topeka, KS), Joy of the Holy Spirit Community (Los Angeles), Love One Another Community (Calgary, Alberta), Mother of God Community (Gaithersburg, MD), New Creation Community (Virginia Beach) and Presentation Ministries (Cincinnati).

It is an ecumenical network of covenant communities whose common priorities include the building of relationships in mutual love and support, helping one another with common challenges, growing in spiritual formation, personal and communal holiness, supporting youth, raising up new leaders, responding to the Holy Spirit and using the spiritual gifts, collaborating in mission through Christian unity and reconciliation, promoting baptism of the Holy Spirit and the formation of new communities, evangelization and service to the poor—serving the whole Church.

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