The Vision Statement of the National Service Committee

Catholic Charismatic Renewal invites all people to experience the Holy Spirit who opens us to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and the love of the Father. The Holy Spirit empowers us for personal holiness, renewed Catholic life, and evangelization.

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Service Committee is
to foster the dynamic grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5)
which empowered the members of the early Church at Pentecost.

The NSC accomplishes this by:

Proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the love of the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit which leads to the renewal of the grace and culture of Pentecost.

Encouraging the awareness and the experience of the full role of the Holy Spirit among Catholic Charismatic Renewal groups and ministries, with the goal of reminding the Church to be fully conscious of this role.
This action of the Holy Spirit leads to:

  • Experiencing union with God
  • Inner transformation, leading to personal holiness
  • Ministry empowered by the charisms for evangelization and service
  • Building communities that witness to a renewed Catholic life.

Assisting leadership development as well as serving and offering leadership to the Renewal.

Cooperating with other Catholic organizations and movements as well as other Christian groups in authentic ecumenism.

Empowering youth and young adults by entering into dialogue with them regarding the Holy Spirit in their lives and inviting them to participate in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.