The Leadership Initiatives Working Group of the NSC and NSC Council recommends Fr. Bob Hogan’s Leadership Course Outline for Prayer Group Leaders and Prayer Groups. The contents of the material were developed by Fr. Hogan and not necessarily that of the National Service Committee.

Click on this link: Charismatic Prayer Group Resources to download this course outline.  For a complete table of contents, see below:



By Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD

Table of Contents

Vision: Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Prayer Groups, Spirit’s Role:

  • Vision of Catholic Charismatic Renewal & Historical Lessons.
  • National Service Committee Vision and Mission Statements.
  • What is a Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group?
  • Prayer Groups That Manifest the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Power.
  • Major Focuses for Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups
  • Explaining the Role of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures.
  • The Full Role of the Holy Spirit (NSC Leaflet).
  • My Holy Spirit “Callings.”
  • Rediscovering the Word “Charismatic” (From Pentecost Today).
  • Why Did God Start Catholic Charismatic Renewal? (From Pentecost Today).
  • Biblical Spirituality and the Role of the Holy Spirit.

Workshop: Growing in Prophetic Gifts and Charisms:

  • Workshop Description.
  • Daily Readings.
  • Weekly Prophetic Inspirations.
  • Developing an Ongoing Prayer Life.
  • Praise and Worship Starter Sheet.
  • Developing an Openness to Prophetic Charisms.
  • Attitudes That Foster Good Prophecy.
  • Charisms.
  • Discernment of Charisms.

Praise and Worship:

  • Praise and Worship (NSC Leaflet).
  • Praise and Worship Outline.
  • Praise and Worship in Prayer Meetings (originally in Pentecost Today).
  • Praise and Worship Leading.
  • Praise and Worship Starter Sheet.

Leadership Tools for Prayer Groups:

  • Attitudes of Christian Leadership.
  • Charism of Administration.
  • Charisms and Building Community.
  • Christian Relationships (includes section on emotions and anger).
  • Developing Teamwork in Prayer Groups.
  • Discipleship and Christian Leadership.
  • Qualities That Strengthen Group Interaction.
  • Developing Teaching Ministry in Prayer Groups (NSC Leaflet)
  • Raising Up New Leaders

Workshop: Young Adult Leadership Training

  • A New Generation of Leaders Led by the Spirit
  • Athletes of Prayer
  • Wisdom in Relationships
  • Power Gifts of God (Use sheets on “Charisms” and “Discernment of Charisms”)
  • Community Builders
  • Going Deeper
  • Prophetic Vision

Evangelization: Sharing about Jesus:

  • Evangelization.
  • Encountering Jesus.
  • Jesus First.
  • Prayer Ministry for Evangelization.

Prayer Ministry:

  • Jesus and Healing Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry for Evangelization
  • Guidelines for Healing Documents
  • Guidelines for Prayer Ministry
  • Guidelines for Archdiocesan Charismatic Healing Teams
  • Obstacles and Blocks to Healing
  • Steps for Lasting Freedom in the Spirit, Overcoming the Flesh
  • Transformation and Freedom in the Inner Self
  • Lead Us Not into Temptation, but Deliver Us from Evil, Session 1
  • Lead Us Not into Temptation… Session 2
  • Lead Us Not into Temptation… Session 3
  • Intercessory Prayer Led by the Spirit
  • The Blessing of a Father: Human father/Heavenly Father relationships

Other Topics:

  • Ecumenism (Christian Unity)
  • The Holy Spirit and Pastoral Ministry
  • Parish Renewal and the Holy Spirit
  • Renewal in the Spirit Journeys (4 seven week Renewal in the Spirit seminars)
  • Holy Spirit Empowers Us for Renewed Catholic Life (From Pentecost Today)