NSC Announces: Deliverance Ministry Book

After several years of consultation, the ICCRS Doctrinal Commission has now published its long-awaited book on deliverance ministry. The purpose of the document is to show how deliverance ministry is grounded in Scripture and Tradition, and to offer sound guidelines for practicing it in in accord with Catholic faith.

The book offers general principles and guidelines, but does not endorse any one model or approach as the only valid one. Moreover, this book is not a how-to manual; it cannot be used as a substitute for training and experience. There are several books available that give more detailed practical instruction on deliverance ministry.

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“Deliverance Ministry is a necessary dimension of evangelization in our world, a liberating encounter with the mercy of God so emphasized by Pope Francis. The reflections and guidelines in this booklet represent the mature fruit of a greater participation of lay people in the mission of the Church.”

Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, Archbishop of Vienna

“Ever since I began writing about deliverance ministry, I hoped that someone would set a firm foundation for deliverance ministry in a Catholic context with a greater theological precision than I could provide. I am delighted to say that this book has done it. This work shows that deliverance ministry can be a transformative part of parish life that the Holy Spirit can use to bring freedom to God’s people!”

 –Neal Lozano, founder of Heart of the Father Ministries, author of Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance