I believe the crosshairs of the Holy Spirit’s bow are centered on the Greater Pittsburgh region. In recent months, the dioceses of Greensburg and Pittsburgh have hosted presentations on the New Evangelization and Intentional Discipleship. On the heels of that, the NSC was invited to hold their annual Charismatic Leaders’ and Ministries Conference in Green Tree in which over 500 people participated. This inspiring conference was icing on an extremely bountiful cake!

The Lord Jesus is certainly on the move here. I would say we are enjoying an abundant feast at His table. Fresh blessing, honor and ignition were freely given to our spirits. This passage of sacred scripture from Hebrews 12:12 comes to mind: “Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.” This was a spiritual strengthening time for our Renewal. We came away from the conference recharged, reset and re-ignited!

I sense it is time for us to recommit to the call we received when we were first baptized in the Holy Spirit. Fully fired up, we need to take our charism “to the streets” and freely tell the Good News of Salvation to anyone who will listen. It’s time for us to move from maintenance to mission! Stagnation is not an option. We’ve learned that our fire must be rekindled, our hope restored and our love of the mission of Christ resurrected. We must push ever forward. The Holy Spirit is on the move and so are we.


Written by Tom Mangan, a leader in the Pittsburgh area and a member of the National Service Committee.

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