The Role of Pentecost Today USA Board

Pentecost Today USA shares in a pastoral role for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal by serving a number of other leadership bodies in the Renewal.

Recognizing its role as a service organization, Board members, as they are able, are involved in the ministries of the organization and may make themselves available for consultation, teaching, and service.

Members are currently elected by the Board itself from amongst leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Members are chosen for their “pastoral and visionary” gifts. Members are elected for three year terms and can be re-elected for a total of three (3) consecutive terms, but then must be off the Board for one year before being re-elected.

The Board members commit themselves to support, accept, affirm and strengthen one another through personal relationships, shared prayer and ministry.

The Board meets to pray, discuss and discern:

  • the Lord’s work in and through the Renewal and
  • the services provided

The Board will meet in person as often as finances and other circumstances allow, but no less than twice a year.

The Board has defined both a Vision and Mission Statement and is responsible for any changes in those statements.