Updated post – the following is currently out-of-stock!

“And with Bible, with the Word of God, go, preach the novelty that Jesus has given us. Preach to the poor, to the marginalized, to the blind, to the sick, to the imprisoned, to all men and women.” ~Pope Francis

The NSC, partnering with Editions Du Signe
(a publishing house in France), is publishing a special

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Edition

of the New American Bible New Testament.

These bibles are of amazing quality, beautifully illustrated and annotated.  What an opportunity for the Renewal to have this bible as a tool in the New Evangelization!

This edition has a special introduction which talks about Catholic Charismatic Renewal as a movement, our “roots” in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the call to a New Pentecost for the New Evangelization.

Bishop Sam Jacobs has stated,
“Our Holy Father has twice spoken to the Renewal about “Bibles” and the ‘Word of God’ and this new annotated and beautifully illustrated NAB New Testament is one response to his call. I believe the Renewal has been given a great opportunity as we approach our Jubilee in 2017 through this publication. Hopefully, it will not only deepen our own reading and study, but at this low cost it will enable people to buy several to give to friends and others. It is my dream that this edition of the New Testament, along with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spring, will empower the Renewal to be more effective in the New Evangelization.”

Get one copy for yourself and one copy to give away!

Currently Out-of-Stock

If we work together in this Year of Unity, we will have an important tool for the Year of Mission in Mercy, and the New Evangelization.