We are happy to re-announce You Are Holy as the official songbook of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

We pre-sold copies in 2012-2013 but after our National Leaders’ and Ministries’ Conference in Pittsburgh in 2014 with Bob Rice, and a Legatus Conference with Martin Domain, ILP expanded the songbook by some 40 songs by Rice, Domain and others.

You Are Holy represents the breadth, depth and rich musical deposit of the charismatic experience, a compilation of sacred texts set to song over the last forty-eight years, born within the heart of the Renewal.  More importantly, You Are Holy is designed to be a worthy servant of the God Whom we praise, leading each of us into a deeper journey of renewal, of union with His will, as we embark into the next fifty years.

Order You Are Holy today!

Please contact ILP Music at 888-898-SONG to place your order, or go to www.youareholy.com.  On the website you can see a sample list of songs. Enclosed is a black and white copy of the cover. For a color copy you can forward see our website.


  • 1 – 15 copies = $15/ each
  • 16-95 copies = $12/ each
  • 96+ copies = $10/ each

Guitar accompaniment = $89 each