Envision the transformation that can take place with a Church on fire!



NSC Member Matt Bourgeois shares about a life-changing experience of the love of the Father poured out by the Holy Spirit!

Will You Assist Us to Implement the CHARIS Initiative in the U.S.?

Envision the transformation that can take place with a Church on fire! We believe change is at hand.

We are joyful about the Vatican’s worldwide CHARIS initiative becoming effective this Pentecost, and the NSC’s crucial ongoing role in implementing the CHARIS objectives to bring the grace of Pentecost to the Church in the U.S.

We are appealing to you at this extraordinary moment to extend to others the transformational grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit by more fully enabling the National Service Committee (“NSC”) to accomplish our CHARIS commission.

The NSC as “Boots on the Ground”

As CHARIS becomes effective, the NSC will be “boots on the ground,” working in unity with others in the Renewal to foster the grace of Pentecost. We will continue what we do now … but at an intensified level … once the U.S. National Service of Communion (“NSoC”), as called for by CHARIS, is erected.

Some perceive that the NSC is “going away” … but, it’s exactly the opposite. The NSoC is not a “governmental” structure or a “Supra National Service Committee” … but is being organized to promote communion among various Renewal groups to accomplish the CHARIS objectives. The NSoC’s ongoing effectiveness will depend on leading Renewal entities – like the NSC.

Our Strategic Plan Fulfills the CHARIS Objectives

Well before CHARIS was announced, the NSC engaged in a prayerful strategic planning process to increase our capacity to foster baptism in the Holy Spirit through more effective use of social media, empowering young adults and strengthening the use of charisms. As we were finishing our planning last Spring, the CHARIS initiative was announced.

What a graced moment it was as we realized that every initiative in our plan was confirmed by the CHARIS objectives!

But We Were Thinking Too Small!

Once CHARIS was announced, we realized we were thinking too small. The Holy Spirit was leading us to more ambitiously implement our plan. This confirmed a prophecy two years prior: “When I say move, will you be ready?”

Thus, we require more resources now. So, we turn to you, our faithful supporters. Your gift today will enable us to expand our supporters as the grace of Pentecost spreads.

Three years ago I was praying about my gift for a Renewal initiative. In looking at the Crucifix above the altar during Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus spoke to my heart: “I gave everything.” Hearing those profound words, I freely gave trusting that many would experience the grace of Pentecost.

We Pray You Will Partner with Us

Reflect again on the amazing CHARIS commission: The Catholic Church has commissioned us to bring the grace of Pentecost to the whole Church!

Remember your fervor to share the grace of Pentecost when you were first baptized in the Holy Spirit? Now is the time for renewed fervor.

Please join us in giving what you have so graciously been given. May your gift transform hearts … the Church … and the world!

Come, Holy Spirit!

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Thank you for joining in the Vision of a world on fire with the grace of the Holy Spirit!