The introduction to this historic moment was provided by Hall Miller of The Mother of God Community in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Let us rejoice and continue to pray and work the “miracle of unity.” (Words of Pope Francis)

God is more powerfully at work bringing unity into the churches than I could have ever imagined. This video shows Kenneth Copeland leadership conference giving a prime-time slot to Anglican Bp. Tony Palmer to share that the whole basis of the Protestant Reformation is now resolved and there no more reason for protestation. He then shows a personal video that Bp. Tony made of Pope Francis addressing the conference participants, decrying the sins that have created our separation and asking for their prayers. Then Kenneth Copeland and leaders respond praying in the Spirit for Pope Francis and sending him back a video telling him that they love him! “Maranatha Lord Jesus!”

While the entire video is worthwhile I’ll give you a few shortcuts;

· 0 min – 4min is Kenneth Copeland introduction

· 4 min -32 min is Anglican Bp. Tony Palmer

· 32 min-39 min is Pope Francis video

· 39 min – 42 min is Kenneth Copland leading prayer for Pope Francis

· 42 min is Kenneth Copeland’s video back to the Holy Father.

Click here for video.